Current Pictures


After a few days of flashbacks…here is Caley playing at our local playground this week!

DSCF1275 DSCF1276 DSCF1278


Fun for Caley


In addition to having fun at Zoo Class, Caley has tried lots of other activities in the last year too!

IMGP7402She wears crazy outfits for ballet class…

2014-03-01 09.10.23She gets ready for swim class, wearing “two ponytails like Abby!”…

2014-03-16 11.47.41She strolls around on her bike…

2014-04-13 10.33.57And of course, she climbs like a crazy monkey at gymnastics class!

Guess How Big I Am?


People frequently ask how much Caley has grown. She had her 3-year checkup on June 10, shortly after her birthday. And the stats were: 37.25 inches, in the 50th percentile for height; and 23.6 pounds, less than the 2nd percentile for weight. She is a string bean!


Zoo Class


For several months now, Caley has been participating in the “Early Explorer Expedition” classes at the Denver Zoo. Or – as she excitedly calls it – “Zoo Class!” We all highly recommend these classes designed for kids aged 2-4, which are¬†attended along with an adult. Caley has a great time, and the zoo does an awesome job with their education department, so everyone learns a lot!

A few images of fun at Zoo Class this year:


Easter 2014


I’ll go backwards a little bit, and catch up on some older pictures of Caley. Here are some of our Easter celebrations this year:


Easter Egg Hunt at the Kellners’


Easter Basket at Home


Easter with Grandma


Egg Hunt with Grandpa and Nona

A year later…we’re back. (Maybe.)


In the last 10 days, four different people have commented (complained?) how much they enjoyed reading blog updates on Caley, and how we hadn’t done any in a long time. So here we go. We’ll try again, but no promises!

It’s been more than a year since we last updated, and Caley is now 3. For her third birthday, Caley celebrated in Kauai! (It wasn’t really a birthday trip for her – it was a 15th anniversary trip for us, and she got to go along.) Our little diva¬†was in “a mood” on her actual birthday.


But she did cheer up a little bit when presented with a ginormous Costco cupcake. So did Daddy.


Otherwise, she had fun going on a train ride and feeding the animals on a rum plantation.


Going to a luau.


Checking out the beaches and building sandcastles.


And being her sassy little self!